Get the most out of your health insurance plan

Getting the Most Benefit From Your Health Insurance Plan

The key to getting the most benefit from your health insurance policy is knowing your policy coverage. When looking for coverage, there are several things you should look for, one of which an agent who will work with you to customize and help you understand both what you need and how your coverage works.  A great agent will help explain the coverage to you

Many people don’t actually read the policy for the policy plan book; they may not be aware that the policy may pay 100% of certain procedures, like annual physicals, mammograms, flu shots or certain labs tests. It is important

The policy plan book will outline for you what procedures are not subject to the deductible or co-pay (your out-of-pocket expense).

Some insurance companies have shifted their emphasis from health insurance to health improvement and maintenance and will pay for the cost of gym membership, nutritional counseling or plans to stop smoking.

Given the current climate and how many people might need to use their health insurance, we wanted to give some additional tips.

One thing we would like to recommend is that your check your current coverage to see if it includes tele-medicine.  This is a option that is increasing in use across the country and many plans include it or will be adding it in the future.

Here are several other tips to ensure you get the most out of your health insurance plan.

Get a good agent to help answer your questions

It’s important to ask your agent several questions to make sure they are a good fit for you.  When speaking to them, ask them questions to make sure they understand the coverage you need.  Also be sure to get all their contact info and add it to your phone for when you need to contact them.

Go through your policy documents once you receive them

Many people don’t actually read the policy for the policy plan book; they may not be aware that the policy may pay 100% of certain procedures.  It’s important to make sure you know what your plan covers and what it doesn’t.

Print out your insurance cards

This might seem like common sense, but many people don’t do this. Sometimes they are discarded in the mail, or they miss the email with login info to print them out.  While some cards are mailed to you, it is becoming more common for insurance companies to send you a login to print out your own card.  Be sure to print out a couple copies and give them to those covered by the plan.


Keep policy documents in one place and keep them organized

Create a file folder with all relevant health and life insurance and keep all documents together.  When it’s time to renew, you will have all the info needed along with a detailed version of what is covered and the associated cost.

It is very wise to know what services are available to you through your insurance company, and you will only know if you take the time to read through your policy.

Health insurance is an expensive item; take advantage of every aspect of it that you can, not only for yourself but for the members of your family.

By taking full advantage of the free benefits of your health insurance policy, you will be healthier and possibly require fewer visits to your doctor.

If we can help any answer any questions about your coverage whether you bought it through our agency or another one, we are happy to help.