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Bill’s journey is a remarkable testament to life’s unexpected twists. Having dedicated 24 years to serving as a church worship leader, Bill humorously declares, “I saw the light, got out, and embarked on a new career!”

In February 2012, Bill eagerly embraced this new chapter, joining HST as an independent agent/broker. He recognized a profound synergy between his passion for understanding people and his earnest desire to assist them. A few months later, in June 2012, Bill reached an astounding milestone, becoming the inaugural team member under Joe Krivelow to attain Super Start status, rising to the pinnacle among his training peers.

Bill’s journey continued as he nurtured a team beginning in February 2013. By January 2014, he had ascended to the esteemed position of Partner within the company, marking a monumental achievement in his career. Bill’s unwavering dedication is rooted in collaborating with his team, guiding them toward the fulfillment of their aspirations.

Bill’s personal commitment to excellence shines through as he consistently produces approximately $750,000 per year. His dedication extends beyond his personal achievements as one of the top trainers in the industry, where he travels to support and mentor new agents, exemplifying his role as a top team builder in recent years.

Together, Bill and his team garnered an impressive array of accolades, including the prestigious 2014 District Leader of the Year, 2015 District Partner of the Year titles, and the crowning achievements of National Marketing Director and Recruiter of the Year in 2017. Today, Bill leads one of the top-performing teams at HST, earning the distinguished recognition of being the #3 all-time production team in the company.

Originally hailing from Goodlettsville, TN, Bill spent 18 years in Louisville, KY, before making Missouri his residence. While he lovingly calls Wildwood, MO, home alongside his wife, Lisa, one feline companion, and a loyal canine, Bill’s professional reach extends across 21 states. Together, Bill and Lisa have two adult children and one adorable grandson who lives entirely too far away.

Core Values


At The Pauley Agency, clients always come first. We take time to talk to you and really understand what your needs are. We aren’t a “one size fits all” kind of company. With access to hundreds of plans, we are able to customize a plan for each person or family.


We don’t sign you up fo insurance and then send you on your way. We want you to know our team is here for you for as long as you need us.


We pride ourselves on the work we do with our clients. Our goal is always to be a company that you can refer your friends and family to because you know that we will do everything we can to help them.


You don’t hear too many people say they are passionate about insurance, but we are and we are passionate about helping people find the right plan for them and their family.

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